22/03/2018 20:00
Jeff Aendenbooms graduation project for RITCS Brussels. Together with Dries Notelteirs he wonders what 'utopia' can mean today. An attempt to start al… Read More
29/03/2018 - 30/03/2018
Third collaboration by Julien Neirynck & Maya Mertens. Future bass, visuals and pop artefacts create an explosive universe...… Read More
19/04/2018 - 24/03/2019
Louis Janssens and Timo Sterckx create a solo. Louis will be directing, Timo will be performing. They met in high school at De Kunsthumaniora some 10 … Read More
19/04/2018 - 02/06/2022
An intimate duet by Abke Haring & Koen van Kaam.… Read More
26/04/2018 21:00
The multi-talented (oh yes) Gerard Herman will be creating and presenting his latest written works in Zuidpool.… Read More
09/05/2018 20:00
Nieuwe stap in het intrigerende oeuvre van BARRY / Karel Tuytschaever. Vertrekkend vanuit het portret van een man is TOM een ode aan het kijken naar.… Read More
14/06/2018 20:00
Zuidpool koestert het Woord, in geschreven, gesproken, gezongen... vorm. Onder de titel 'Autour de la table' organiseren we een reeks avonden rond sch… Read More
20/09/2018 - 21/09/2018
Everybody wants to grow old but nobody wants to be old. How do we deal with time and our memories? Laura Vroom was inspired by her experience as a vol… Read More