04/05/2019 20:00
Ruud Horrichs is fascinated by dementia and related phenomena. Taking this as a starting point for a new production, he is researching on content and … Read More
22/05/2019 11:56
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23/05/2019 20:00
Maarten Heijnens' Graduation Project will be a close collaboration with Karel Tuytschaever. Together, they will try to embody missing words in the dic… Read More
29/05/2019 20:00
Moya De Feyter writes poetry, theatre and prose. She presents her second book of poems in a literary and theatrical performance.… Read More
31/05/2019 20:00
Matthias Hellemans wonders if we can rethink or redefine books such as the Bible or the Quran. Or we capable of redefining stories? How to deal with m… Read More
27/06/2019 20:00
For the first collective writers' residency, Zuidpool welcomes four remarkable women: Deniz Polatoglu, Carolina Maciel de França, Sascha Reunes & Ikr… Read More
13/09/2019 20:00
From one male body, Karel Tuytschaever explores in STRANGER different concepts on the man.… Read More
19/09/2019 19:00
Love at first Sight – a festival featuring work by new and interesting artists at various locations in the heart of Antwerp, shortly after the summe… Read More