12/04/2019 20:00
Pete Wu is based in Amsterdam, where he's been working as a journalist and writer for different media such as Brandpunt+, VICE, de Volkskrant, De Gids… Read More
24/04/2019 20:00
In de reeks 'Autour de la table' ontdekt u in Zuidpool nieuwe of vergeten teksten. "+" is een theatervoorstelling aan tafel - een laat cafégesprek - … Read More
26/04/2019 20:00
Hernán Mancebo Martínez & Rino Sokol wonder how irritable the self-image is in these imago driven times. Performed in English.… Read More
04/05/2019 20:00
Ruud Horrichs is fascinated by dementia and related phenomena. Taking this as a starting point for a new production, he is researching on content and … Read More
22/05/2019 11:56
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23/05/2019 20:00
Maarten Heijnens' Graduation Project will be a close collaboration with Karel Tuytschaever. Together, they will try to embody missing words in the dic… Read More
29/05/2019 20:00
Moya De Feyter writes poetry, theatre and prose. She presents her second book of poems in a literary and theatrical performance.… Read More
31/05/2019 20:00
Matthias Hellemans wonders if we can rethink or redefine books such as the Bible or the Quran. Or we capable of redefining stories? How to deal with m… Read More