Physical Proof

Rino Sokol & Hernán Mancebo Martínez
  • © MarcT.Photography
    © MarcT.Photography
  • © MarcT.Photography
    © MarcT.Photography

Hernán Mancebo Martínez & Rino Sokol wonder how irritable the self-image is in these imago driven times.

They are inspired by, among others, song and dance man Andy Kaufman, positive psychologist Mihalyi Csiskzentmihalyi and the contorted figures of the illustrated worlds of Cartoon Network and Looney Tunes.

They work on a personal texture of tensions which is the outcome of a research into trust, confusion and improvement.

“Hernan the earth. Rino the sky. Both the fire."

From this symbiotic relationship, and a mutual professional narcissism, a game arises.

An absurd dance of self-images that draws from the lives and bodies of the two performers.

They work and play in English